A closer look at the final - part 2

At the end of the two sets CRO had 26 shots on the goal, of which there were 11 pirouettes (42%), 3 in-flights (12%), 7 specialist shots (27%), 1 direct shot of the goalkeeper (4%) and 4 one-pointers (15%) at the very end of the match. The team missed in total only 9 shots on the goal (35%), with the pirouettes however CRO was very successful (16 out of 31 points).GER had finally 30 shots on the goal, but missed 14 (47%). The diversity of the GER attempts was wider, the team tried 5 pirouettes (17%), 12 in-flights (40%), 10 specialist shots (33%) 1 direct shot from the goalkeeper (3%) and 2 one-pointers (7%). The main tactical element of the GER team was the in-flight (16 out of 32 points) followed by the specialists shot (14 points).
To summarise this match we can say that GER tried to use more different tactical elements (in-flights, specialist, pirouettes), but scored mainly with the in-flights and the specialist shots (93.8% of all points). CRO put the main focus on the pirouette and the specialist shot (77.4% of all points), but they scored also with other tactical elements in the right situation. In the end CRO had a higher percentage of hits due to this tactical element. GER certainly took a higher risk by attempting more in-flights, but missed in the end too many shots.
In match-deciding Shoot-Out both teams were not very creative and only tried to score with pirouettes, CRO won with 8:6 points (GER missed 2), all pirouettes were awarded with two points by the referees.What is the difference between men’s and women’s teams? In the men’s final Russia (RUS) and Croatia (CRO) two completely different periods were displayed. While RUS dominated the first set by 8 points, CRO won the second set 23:13. This phenomenon seems to be very symptomatic of a Beach Handball match (even between two equally strong teams).
Surprisingly both teams of the Men’s final had also 16 attacks per set, but RUS missed only 5 chances while CRO missed 9 shots/made technical faults.

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