The largest Beachhandball Festival in Europe!
This is the 10th year in a row that people playing handball throughout Europe is invited to the Beachhandball Festival.It takes place in Åhus/Kristianstad, between 13-22 of July 2008.
The Beachhandball Festival is located at the lovely Hotel Åhusstrand area. This is also where the best beaches in Northern Europe are situated. In the summer of 2008 there will be at least over 1200 teams. This is about 15 000 people playing beachhandball. There will also be about 10 000 to 20 000 people watching the beachhandball games every day. There are not only teams from Sweden attending this great festival. Teams are coming from other countries such as Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Holland, Australia and Yugoslavia among others. During the Beachhandball Festival, Skånes Handball Association is arranging a popular summer camp in Åhus. From the Beachhandball area it is only a short walk to the old city of Åhus and the beautiful marina. Here you will find lovely restaurants and bars. This only is worth your visit to Åhus and Kristianstad. We hope to see you this summer in Åhus for a whole week of adventures and fun you will never forget. This is how we play beach handball in Åhus All teams are first playing a group comp-etition with 4-12 teams in each group. After that there are A , B and C-playoffs for most youthclasses. Price money for the winners of elite women and men. Medals to winners and second best in A and B playoff. And to the losing team in the A playoff semifinals. Trophy and championship t-shirts to all the winners. Diploma to D and E youths. All teams except men and women veteran must play under the names of their handballclub and no mixed teams. We ask you to accept this.

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